“Product toughness: Vzan rims have been used in our products for many years. We have a rigorous quality test because we value and care for our brand and among the components we use in our products, Vzan rims contribute positively to this.”
“Since the beginning, we have always valued partners who target quality in their products. And VZAN has been part of this select group since we started producing bicycle , delivering availability and quality. Together, we always deliver the best to our customers. Given all this, I don't see anything that could weaken our partnership and I'm sure that we have many years together ahead of us, always delivering the best to our customers with regards to wheels, because, in VZAN Rims we have the confidence that helps us in this certainty.”
"More than 20 years of a solid partnership. It is a brand that prioritizes product development with a high level of quality. Always supports cycling. They are a very serious company in which the owners understand bikes and know what they are doing."